The Artist's Diary
[Tuesday, 12 March 2013]
Allowing myself freedom
My etching work has led to some wild and wonderful work. I've had the idea that each room in my house could be dedicated to a painting era or perhaps the collections of great art galleries. Then, I could refer to each room as The Louvre, MOMA, Guggenheim etc. You get my drift. So exploring the modernists and surreal artists has been a blast - Mondrian, Miro, Matisse ...... still on the M's
[Monday, 27 August 2012]
I'm reading and loving Aesops fables
How come I didn't read these little rippers as a kid. Love this one The Astronomer An astronomer used to go out at night to observe the stars. One evening as he wandered through the suburbs with his attentions fixed on the sky he feel into a deep well. He lamented and bewailed his sores and bruises and cried loudly for help. A neighbour ran to the well and learning what had happened said "Old fellow, why in striving to pry into what is in heaven, do you not manage to see what is on earth?"
[Thursday, 24 May 2012]
New directions
I've been working on etched plates and am now starting to use mixed media to come up with something quite different. New lands for me. I'm not sure how to progress, and probably tend to over-intellectualise my approach rather than just going for it. As Ghandhi said "only when your mind, words and actions are the same will you feel harmony" So a wee way to go ....
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